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Yurina only gets higher

Yesterday is 6th of August. Some of you would remember it’s the day of the Hiroshima Bombing back in World War II.
And it’s also one of my friend’s b’day.

Anyways, looking back. I have posted almost nothing in August/July. And there were sooooo much I could have done. But instead I lazed around and do nothing. So from now on, GANBARRE!!

I thought I would do a post on Kumai Yurina
Since she have been my number one Berryz from day one.
Even though she’s not the best looking, there’s something about her that I just love.

Right from the beginning of her Hello! Project Kid audition. She had already show a very promising voice. The strongest out of the Year 1 – Year 3 bunch.

She is best known for her height. At the age of 15[she just had her birthday on the 3rd of August], she’s standing tall at 178cm [5″10]. She’s even taller than Iida Kaori [168cm]. She is the tallest in the entire Hello! Project.

She’s been given a lot of solo lines since the beginnging of Berryz. But sometimes she get butt off from the front line, where the focus is on Risako, Momoko or Miyabi. In albums, she’s regularly the lead singer along with the three.

She was given a solo slot in the 2006 concert just before Momoko. Even though she’s really quite within Berryz, she’s always energetic in performance. She look like so cute when she step down the stairs like a floating flower.

Her fringe kept changing. There was a time were she doesn’t have fringe, and she reminds me so much of the young Niigaki Risa. I think she look cute with fringe.

In Wonderful Heart 2006 Summer Concert, she did Ishouha Renoir no Youni along with Hitomi[Momusu], Maimi[C-ute] and Erika[V-u-den]. Her voice was so cutsey back then. She did really well with the dancing as well. I was quite impressed by her performance.

Someone manage to get a mic hack of Yurina and Risako in Waracchaou Yo Boyfriend in one of the 2006 concerts. I don’t get why she’s singing when they’re lip-sync. But as you can see, even though she’s running out of breath, she still try very hard and she manage to hit the right notes.

Her voice has dramactically changed from 2007, she used to have the cutsey voice, but now in live, her voice is quite low and rich. There were a rumour how because she grow so tall in a short period of time, she lost countrol of her voice and it become harder for her to dance due to her height.

Berryz Koubou Spring Sakura Makai Concert. Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai 3:05 her face is sooo adorable. She hits all high notes perfectly. Is there anything she can’t do?

In Berryz Koubou 2007 Summer Concert, Nanchuu koi wo yatteruu YOU KNOW has always been Yurina’s song. It shows how steady her voice can be. Her voice is more consistant than other Berryz. I always love her “jiman shitai naa”

Chinami. The third tallest in Berryz Koubou do a lot of duet/trio with her in concerts. Their vocie use to blend so well together, even though Yurina’s voice-change, it’s a good comboniation. This is a pure show off to their long model-like legs.

She finally received her Photobook last year August. I was so happy for her.

Haahah, how cute ><


Her version of Dschinghis Khan, she’s so cute when she does her love-heart hand sign. “Chansu wa Ima”

In the last Wonderful Heart 2008 Winter Concert, she did Tanpopo’s Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru with Erika, Maimi and Chinami. Her voice is so low compare the other three. In a live recording that I’ve got. Her voice is the most visible out of the group. Her sings her solo lines so effortlessly.

There’s still so much I wanna post, and there still so many video of her I want to share, but I just couldn’t put everything here. I get so carried away on youtube as well = =”
Nee, so I’ll stop here. Prohaps we’ll revisit her some other time ^^

Oh that’s right. My current obession is Captain. I think I’m going to do Berryz Vs C-ute blog next. Or Captain Saki? Or Chisato x MaiMai? Or Hello! Project Wonderful Hearts 2008 Summer[since I’ve got my hands on a fan recording]…
*dies* There’s so much I wanna talk about, I just don’t have enough time ><

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The hecticness of Hello! Project’s Summer

As I’m sitting beside my heater, drank my juicebox in one sip, ate my Kinder Bueno and drank Schweppes’s Lemon and Lime Bitter [which taste like crap, don’t ever get it], listening to C-ute’s Edo no Temari Uta II, BTing tons of Hello! Project music. And I thought, why is everything happening together in the same time?
Then it hits me. Because the rest of the world is having their summer holiday. OF COURSE!
For example. Both Morning Musume and H!P Kids [Berryz Koubou/C-ute] already had their individual concerts, then in July, they have a combine one in Osaka.
C-ute’s single came straight after Berryz’s and Buono!’s single is coming very close by. Ayaka graduate and is getting married. Cinderalla Complex Musical is coming out. Being a H!P is definately time consuming.

Let’s start with the Berryz’s Yuke Yuke Money Dance single, shall we?

At first. All I could think of is. WTF
I mean the music is okay. The suit? and the dance? So Strange…….
But Money Dance had it’s history in the 60’s if I’m not mistaken. The more I listen to it, the more I appearciate it.
The stranger is it, the more it will sale in Japan. We’re talking about Japan after all.
Risako is not screaming in this single. She sounded very mellow and sweet.
Yurina dance in the break was cute, for once in the whole clip, she’s standing smack bang in the middle.

Captain, Chinami and Massa is stealing the rest of the spot-light when they’re in the monkey suit.
Their wacky face expression amuse me to no end.
Usually in PVs, I always like the Close Up version better, but this time around, I like the Monkey Version better. The fact that Momo fall down and Risako forgotten her line, Saki eats up Risako’s screening time, Momo got pushed by Captain but Yurina saved her. All of the funny stuff happen in the Monkey Version. I’ve been watching it the 14103918 times.

There’s few line that are quite interesting as well.
“Monkey dance nippon yuke yuke [c’mon Japan]
Joi koto atte yuke yuke [having great expectation]
Ichiban satte yuke yuke [even if you’re number one]

Tikitikiti saa madamada nippon wa yaru zo [C’mon Japan still has a long way to go]
Tikitikiti saa medaru wo takusan toru zo [C’mon we still have a lot of medals to win]”
Are they hencing Olympic?

I was so going to do C-ute’s single. But it’s 1:14am right now. I’m drained from school.
So I’ll post another. And the next post, I promise it will be much more detailed than this one

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Formal is next week.
I’ve got a dress.
But haven’t got my shoe, nor bag.
Don’t know what to do with my hair
or makeup.

Who knows there’s so much fuss
about one fuction.
Annoys me how I have to be there.
After party are in the middle of no where.
Limo are way too expensive.
Should have got a hummer instead.
Still don’t know where to go after
the formal.

Need to buy fabric tomorrow in Spotlights.
Making lots and lots and lots of big
hair ribbons.
Getting new phone.
Don’t know which one to pick.
Sidekick is a crappy phone, but
i want it.
LG touch screen is slighty better…
but i can’t quite pinpoint what is it that
i don’t like….
Sony Ericsson’s new model are too dorky.
Nokia is a big no no from me.
And let’s forget about Samsung all together.
Phone from ebay maybe?
I love those Japanese exclusive chunky phone.

Making choices are so hard ….
Don’t want to think about anything……


I’m over him. For a while now.
I’m not angry or sad.
Sort of relief that it’s over.
Time has fulfilled it’s purpose.
I don’t love him anymore. I don’t have any
feelings outside of friendship towards him
Move on for your own sake.
Relationship doesn’t work one way.
The reason he still cling on to this.
It’s because of his depression problem
hence his insomnia.
“Cashback” is a perfect movie about
There’s no point dwelling on this.
I read his blog. Every single one.
They make me feel guilty because
I didn’t tell him exactly how I feel.
Didn’t want to break his heart.
Thought I’ll be nice.
But that would be unfair for both of us.
Truth hurts.
Plus. I don’t think he’ll like to know
what I’ve been up to.

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H!P Banners

I’m so sorry about not posting for more than a week.
And I’m constantly feeling guilty no matter what I’m doing at school. I kept telling myself “I’ll have to blog tonight.”
But the truth is, my dad block youtube in our internet, so no one can go on youtube no matter which computer they’re on, because frankly we have four computers. So I was going to post about Goto Maki’s come back, but I can’t find her old auditions and such without youtube.
It annoys me to no end. But what can I say, downloading movies from bit torrent is a lot of fun.

So this week, I thought I’ll put up some banners that I have made in the past here.
Just a little something, so you guys won’t bored to death. You can use them if you want to, I’ll be honoured. Just don’t say you make them, because they do take a lot of time to make even though they’re not the best.

Double Wave – Michishige Sayumi
[One of my favourite creation. I think the photo is from her photobook.]

Double Wave [Colour]
[A different feeling to it]

The cuteness of silence – Michishige Sayumi
[Oh my god. Tell me she’s not cute. She’s rapidly rising to one of my favourite member of Momusu. I’m impress by her improved singing skill and her witty comments. She’s proving herself to be more than her looks.]

Rising Star- Mitsu Aika
[This girl is amazing and she’s still getting a hard time from fans because she’s new and how people thinks she doesn’t fit in Momusu with her cutesey image. But her singing skill have always impressed me and she’s growing up so fast ^^]

Ne? – Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi and Niigaki Risa
[This is my first Momusu banner, I’m still very happy with this banner, although my name was a bit too big.]

RiSayu – Michishige Sayumu and Niigaki Risa
[I wanted to make a banner of them both, just when I was daunting over the title. Their name hit me, Risa + Sayumi = RiSayu. It’s almost too perfect to be true]

Love – Takahashi Ai and Michishige Sayumi
[The picture was from one of their concert, the background is from Berryz Koubou concer photobook]

Untitled – Goto Maki
[My very first H!P banner, it is also my first time making a actual banner.]

Untitled – Kumai Yurina
[Yurina is one of the best singers in Berryz Koubou, but frankly not many fans like her. In concert, she sings everyone of her solo lines loud and clear so effortlessly. Standing at 174cm, she’s my favourite Berryz]

Marane – Sugaya Risako
[I made this banner for Marane-chan, her character was Risako. While Risako is not the best singer and her yelling skill doesn’t impress me. She always look good on photo. Maybe because she’s 1/4 Canadian?Maybe…]

Blue Berryz – Momoko, Chinami, Captain Saki
[The reason I did this banner was purely because of Chinami then I discover Saki’s cute picture so I decide to go with the blue theme. These are the photos from Berryz Kamen Vs. Cuties Ranger Battle Concert. C-ute are pink and Berryz are blue. I was going to add Reina and Risa. But it doesn’t doesn’t fit. So I dig out a low qaulity picture of Momoko. Doesn’t look good but Chinami and Saki is perfect in that photoset]

Domination of Berryz – Natsuyaki Miyabi and Captain Saki
[I remember I made this quickly after my discovery of Miyabi’s so-call scandal.]

STARDUST – Final Fantasy – Tifa
[My forum’s banner. She’s not from the anime, she’s a girl that does Tifa cosplay. How gorgeous is she?]

Anyway, enough for today. I need sleep.
Let me know your opinions. Feedback needed!!!
Hopefully I’ll finish my Goto Maki blog this weekend *finger crossed*

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The hidden messages, but not Coldplay I guess

I don’t know about you, but I like hidden messages.
Songs that have different meaning, different annotations.
So it occurs to me the other day, how H!P don’t really have much going on with their song lyrics apart from lovey-dovey, cheery, or break up song. It’s all black and white in the lyrics.
Apart from Chokkan 2, since it’s talking about fish.

On the other hand, music that are not H!P which is basically the rest of the world. Love playing with connotation and such.
Anyone heard of Switchfoot? To many people’s suprise, they’re actually a Christian Band. I know that might make you think of praising god, reading the bible and so on.
But Switchfoot’s “Meant To Live” not only have great tune, it have a really deep meaning to it
We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves?
Somewhere we live inside

It’s saying how human are suppose to live forever after the life on earth. But we lost ourselves while living on earth and we should search for that eternal life that is given by God with a open heart.
We want more than the world can offer
And everything inside screams for second life

It’s implying that what they want are not material possession, but God. And how every human wants to live forever because God plants eternity when he made human that’s why we human thinks there has to be something more after death.

On the other hand, Underoath, also another Chritsian band, take it different approach. They like playing around with words and I have to say I admire their poemism [is that even a word?]. Their lyrics are beautifully written yet they can be so dark and might I add ….emo.

One of their older song “Never meant to break your heart” contain lyrics:
Tears run down my face just like the last
No different from yesterday
Sick from the mirror
Do these prayers feel sincere
The dirt never washes clear
You were good, so good
I grew to love your lies
Until I put you in the past
Love was lust until he revealed
The man behind the mask
Will the scars go away
In this world I have no place
Forgive me Jesus this time I cry
I rip my heart out to give to you
Alone it never did me any good
Hold me close, wash my mind
Destroy the me that lives inside

I have to say it is also one of their better song aswell because their new song is….very much munipulated by the main stream.
The lyrics are so personal, it can almost be a prayer but it is so cleverly done. If you take out the line “Forgive me Jesus”, you would have think this is just another emo song. But it actually have much more meaning to it.

Not just bands, there’s books that also does that. And now I’m not going to talk about the bible, because that would just be boring.
Most of you probably heard of “The Chronicles of Narnia”, it is a amazing movie. They’re originally written by C.S Lewis. C.S Lewis is a christian himeself, close friend with J.R.R. Tolkien, the author that wrote Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, believe or not are a mini version of Jesus’s journey TO DOOM. Sorry about the dramatic expression. But Aslan, that’s rigth the Lion is the animal version of Jesus. The White Witch is the devil of course. The stone table was the cross. Aslan would do anything to trade Edward, the betrayer,’s life is parrallel to how Jesus trade his life for everyone in the world no matter what they have done. And how Jesus can overcome death because of Love [woo hoo].

Coldplay’s new single “Viva La Vida” have some very interesting lyrics going there
I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word

Now in the morning I sweep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes
Listen as the crowd would sing:
Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!”

One minute I held the key
Next the walls were closed on me
And I discovered that my castles stand
Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can’t explain
Once you go there was never, never an honest word
That was when I ruled the world

It was the wicked and wild wind
Blew down the doors to let me in.
Shattered windows and the sound of drums
People couldn’t believe what I’d become

Revolutionaries wait
For my head on a silver plate
Just a puppet on a lonely string
Oh who would ever want to be king?

I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can’t explain
I know Saint Peter won’t call my name
Never an honest word
But that was when I ruled the world

There is a famous story where Peter refuse to admit that he know Jesus. It was after Jesus got arrest and at the time if anyone is related to him, they too must be persecuted. Before Jesus left, he had a conversation with Peter, and Jesus told Peter that before the rooster call you will deny my name three times, Peter was angry and vows he will follow him till the end. Just when Jesus was in court, Peter was sitting outside some camp fire. Some women and men recogzied Peter they asked him aren’t he one of the twelve followers of Jesus. Peter denied it three times then the rooster made his call. After that Peter break down and cried. Since then Peter preach God’s word. And when he was captured and plead guilty of a death penalty from spreading God’s word, he made a request to nail the cross with his body upside down because Peter believes he don’t worth dying in a position same as Jesus.
And I hate to say it iTune’s ad totally caught my eye and now I’m hook onto watching the ad over and over again

And to end this blog entry/promote the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”
[Haha, Chum i know you wanting to watch this!!]
I’m dumping this video, it’s call This is Home by Switchfoot.

And now, after all my searching
After all my questions
Im going to call it home
I got a brand new mind set

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Two years of waiting for….Ogawa Makoto

After three days of no computer because my parents abandoned me at some random friend’s house. The first thing I found myself typing when I get my hands on the internet was ‘”.
I’m not sure if anyone else is feeling me, but regularly checking up on any H!P news is becoming a routine for me. And I can NOT believe the first thing I read after those long three tiring days.

The 5th generation Ogawa Makoto is BACK !!!
It’s so rare to see girls gone for such a long time from Hello! Project and come back continuing their show buisness.
For those who don’t know, she graduated from Morning Musume in 2006 to study English in New Zealand. Since then, no one have heard from her apart from random pictures that pops up in fan sites.
Her lastest appearance was on Haromoni.

She captured my eye when I was watching the PV of Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wo Ookiizo~
Her wacky face expression and energetic just amused me to no end.
Her blonde hair suited her personality as well.

She was a decent singer in Morning Musume, is just that no one really took notice of it untill she was left.
One of my favourite performance by her was in the Morning Musume ft Vi.yu.den Musical “Ribon no Kishi”.
Her voice was definitely better than Koharus, hands down.

On Konno Asami’s graduation concert, it was also her graduation concert, except fans weren’t aware of it. Fans perparhed pink glowing stick for KonKon while she gave her graduation speech. But nothing for Matoko. Members were suprisingly cold towards Matoko while giving their speech to both girls. Kusumi was quite annoying while giving her speech, she kept using her hand to cover the mic, what for? She’s not wishpering or anything. The whole the stadium can hear her….-sweat drop-

On the other hand, I found a Miyabi picture and I absolutely LOVE her hair.
Maybe I should get my hair cut like her ^^

Anyways I always get so distracted when i’m on Hello! Online’s picboard.
I end up saving zillion of pictures.

It is a good news, because I was just wondering how she’s gone for so long. Maybe she will never come back -tears-
I wonder what group or role will she play in the Hello! Project family.

A soloist, or joining Ongaku Gatas? That would be nice to see. Because Yossie will be there. And there will be many jokes if the two are together. XD
I wonder will her speak English in a New Zealand accent? [points at Chum]

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Up! Front Agency creates phsycopath

The irony of all. I was going to do a time line of how Miyabi have changed since she joined H!P Kids, because of this picture i found. I think she look stunning and I’m inspire by her.

Then the scandal have erupted just two days ago. I’m disappointed. Not because what Miyabi have done [or seem to have done as it is not officially confirmed], but disappointed to how it is seen as a scandal.

There are too many points I want to say about Up! Front Agency and I don’t really know where start as I’m typing myself away.
First of all, many H!P fans would know this is definitely NOT the first time this kinda of ‘scandal’ have happened. Some of them are serious, some of them are minus.

I’m sick of people blaming on the girls, “Well, they signed the contract, so they shouldn’t do it”.
They were a child when they signed the contract. When you’re eight, did you think about what university that you’re gonna go in, did you think about having a boyfriend/husband/kids, did you think about what future you want to have?
They just want to dance and sing on stage for fun.
In Japan, if you’re underage, you can only sign the contract if you have consent, the contract is also designed to where parents have almost no power over their girls so it will not interference what U!FA would want to do.

Keep in mind that these girls doesn’t have a proper childhood. They probably never come in contact with boys their own age. They properly don’t know anything about butterfly in the stomach when they sing those love songs. They properly don’t know their dance move evoke sexual thoughts. They will never know how fanatic would go and jerk themselves off with their photo book and worship them like they’re gods.They don’t know anything about protecting themselves in a relationship. The guys might be just using their fame or just to get what they want physically. I doubt the girls were taught to use condoms since they weren’t suppose to see any boy to start with. Why do you think Nozomi got pregnant accidentally?

U!FA uses that vulnerability of the girls to creates this innocent, ‘pure’, virgin image, mind you, it is U!FA who push them to release photo album that contains girls wearing bikini, showing off rather big portion of skin and pose in a lot of suggestive pose , it is also U!FA that have the girls dancing in provocative moves.
Not only on physical appearance, U!FA is also very good at manipulating the girl’s personality. Every line they say on a TV show or in concerts is pre-scripted, so they could easily portray them as how the Agency wanted.

So it is no wonder wotas are fooled into getting extremely attached to the girls. And becoming more obsessiveness towards them. THIS is a mental health issue. Hardcore Wotas that go literally insane after knowing ‘scandals’, needs to get themselves a psychiatrists. And it doesn’t help that U!FA is in fact encouraging fans to be extremely attached so  they U!FA could make more money.

Some said it’s okay for them to date, but it’s not okay for them to have sexual encounter. Why? The legal age for sexual consent is 13 in Japan. Why is it not okay, beucase you’re too attached to the girls? The body and mind is the girls, not yours. Someone point out that they are not allow to have love interest, it’s because it sells. What sells? You mean sex sells? Yes, I am aware of that, and I’m sick of the girls being treated this way so the company would make more money. It is ethically wrong to fire a person because of their love interest, it should be erase from their contract. It’s discrimination towards women, and the girls should have basic human rights. It is very much a disgrace to such a cilvilised country to see such contract exsist. Up! Front Agency are using the girls like they’re items.

Do you really expect this girl to have no boyfriend at all? No relationship what so ever. Or are you just jealous of the boys that in her heart?
Great. Now I’m lost whether I should do another blog on her or not.

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The hair styles of Hello! Project

I’ve started noticing the hairstyle of Hello!Project shapes their appearance as well as their personality.
Most of the member of H!P have bad hair day. Their hair is always done perfectly.
It really makes me wonder how much time they have to sit infront of the mirror daily before their apperance to the public.
There’s different types of hairstyle that H!P wildly use, it’s starting to repeat itself a lot and I think it’s getting a bit of the dull side.
For instance, Sayu’s hair look extremely nice with a side fringe, but she always have straight fringe.

Anyway, this post will contain a lot of graphics, GOMEN if it’s killing your bandwidth a bit.
In the H!P world, hairstyles can be put into two main catergories, the Kawaii(cute) or the Kakkoi(cool and elegant):
First we have the Bun, although you can look very mature in this hairstyle, if they added a ribbon or clip, their image will totally change
Bun (without decoration)

Girl that own this hair style [Kago Ai]
Bun (with decorations)

Girl that own this hair style [Tsuji Nozomi]

Then we have the High Pony Tail, look very similar to the Bun
It is also commonly used in the street of Japan, because it make the face features smaller as the bun gets bigger. Widely recommend in a lot of Japan fashion magazines.
High Pony Tail

Girl that own this hair style [Hagiwara Mai]
High Pony Tail (with hair partly left out on both side)

Girl that own this hair style [Tsuji Nozomi]
New School High Pony Tail (this is the crazy and poofy version)

Girl that own this hair style [Natsuyaki Miyabi]

This following sub-catergory is perhaps the most widely used in H!P
It’s almost like the High Pony Tail, but this is Side Pony as their hair is obviously unbalanced to one side
Side High Pony (short):

Girl that own this hair style [Suzuki Ariri]
Side High Pony (long):

Girl that own this hair style [Goto Maki]
Side High Pony (with hair partly left out on both side)

The girl who own this hair style [Tanaka Reina]

Then much like the Side High Pony Tail, this hairstyle is usually worn by H!P girls that are more shy, and it creates a innocent image.
Side Low Pony Tail (straight)

Girl that own this hair style [Jun Jun]
Side Low Pony Tail (curly)

Girl that own this hair style [Kumai Yurina]

After the pony tails, we can look closely at the pig tails. If it’s worn as a high, this usually gives a very energetic feeling. But if it’s worn low, then it gives out more a reserve feeling.
High Pig Tails (long)

Girl that own this hair style [tie between Tanaka Reina & Michishige Sayumi]
High Pig Tails (short)

Girl that own this hair style [Tanaka Reina]
Semi-High Pig Tails

Girl that own this hair style [Sagayu Risako]
Low Pig Tails (straight)

Girl that own this hair style [Mano Erina]
Low Pig Tails (long curly)

Girl that own this hair style [Michishige Sayumi]
Low Pig Tails (short curly)

Girls that own this hairstyle are [Umeda Erika]

Enough of the hairs that gets tied up, let’s look at hairstyles that they leave it out. I love the Long Straight Hair, they have the extra mature and shy feeling to it. Although I have to admit, this hairstyle didn’t suits Ai’s current image, it did match her energetic image that had when she first came out.
Long Straight Hair (with straight fringe)

Girl that own this hair style [Konno Asami]
Long Straight Hair (wwith straight parted fringe)

Girl that own this hair style [Niigaki Risa]
Long Straight Hair (with decoration)

Girl that own this hair style [Eri Kamei]

H!P stylist have a obsession of curling the girls’ hair. In a group, at least one girl’s hair is curled. This hairstyle gives a wild image yet in the same time natural. It is a sort of hair you’ll see everywhere in Japan. In fashion magazine, there are even different method/curl size etc..etc.. to achieve the perfect curl.
Long Curly Hair (side fringe)

Girl that own this hair style [Fujimoto Miki]
Long Curly Hair (straight parted fringe)

Girl that own this hair style [tie between Ayaka & Satoda Mai]
Long Curly Hair (with headband)

Girl that own this hair style [Niigaki Risa]
One group that consist all girls wearing curly hair -sweat-

Righty, enough of the long hair. The short hair is rather interesting. Although not many girls look nice with the short hair, it tends to gives a super hyer and also leadership feeling. Makes me woner how would Kusumi look like if she ever have short hair? Abe, Yossie, Ai, and Saki are the leader of their group(once), and they tend to have short hair when they’re becoming a leader to obtain a more mature, grow up refreashing image.
Straight Short Hair (flat)

Girl that own this hair style [Kamei Eri]
Straight Short Hair (hair sweep behind ears)

Girl that own this hair style [Arihara Kanna]
Straight Short Hair (with decoration)

Girl that own this hair style [Okai Chisato]
Short Hair (slight curly)

Girl that own this hair style [Yuguchi Mari]

Well, after a long post of H!P hairstyle. Hopefully H!P will have some new hairstyle that we fangirls/boys are gawk at.
Three of my favourite hairstyle in the entire H!P

Haha, i actually wear my hair like Mano Erina, except my hair is longer and have i a massive ribbon to clip at the back so it made me looks like Minnie-mouse according to my little sister

Well, hope you enjoy this post. Feel free to comment on it.
I suppose to be sleeping right now as I have to get up 7:45 in the morning.
I tend to post at night, don’t I?

Posted by: babylamchop | May 30, 2008

What have I done?

I haven’t update for almost ….a week !
Anyway, I’ve decide that this will also be my journal.
Inspired by Chum [not really]

Nothing is happening much in the H!P world.
I mean, I was going to review on High-King’s single.
But I think billion of people are doing that.
or I can be stuff, then I’ll do one.

Exam is here, and I’m still not motivate to do well.
I love the school computer, making video on them is so fast.

Stay tuned for this people! Just hang on!
Because the next thing we’re going to look at.
It’s the hairstyle of H!P !!!
Sounds weird? Well that’s exactly that it is.
SO look forward to it.


Posted by: babylamchop | May 22, 2008

Something about Jesse McCartney that….

No No and Hell no!
I’m NOT his fan or anything, I don’t even like him in the first place.

But there’s just something about him and his new single I can’t put my finger on.
Let’s review his previous songs.

Beautiful Girls

It’s a slow ballad, cute lyrics, getting all the young teen girls screaming and squealing.
OKAY! We get it, he is cute blah blah blah
The song is simple, you can even say it’s a bit boring.
But jumping into someone else’s pool doesn’t seem a very beautiful soul to me XD!
Have to admit, it’s catchy so that make it one good pop song.

She’s No You

I absolutely loved this PV even though I’m not his fan.
The black and white work as a champ, and it’s not many video you see that’s pure black and white.
From a photographer point of view, this PV is a very well done piece of art, to contrast the busy and emptiness of city life.
1:56 – 1:58 it’s my highlight of the PV, I know, I know, Jesse it’s not even on the shot
But c’mon, coffee spilling from the girl missplacing her cup due to staring at Jesse is a pretty smart move.
The chorus annoys me abit with “She’s no you”, I understand that my grammar is not perfect, but “She’s no you” is just grammartically wrong. Almost doesn’t make sense.

Because You Live

Still in his semi-slow ballad love song mode. The PV features him in his touring action. I though the song lack bass, and the drum line was too simply and dull. But what can you say? It’s a pop song. Frankly, this is not as catchy as other song though.

Just So You Know

Is it me, but all his title is the first line of his chorus.
Can’t he think of some interesting title for his songs, ever?
Moving right along! This have step outside from the lovey-dovey-dedicated-to-you kinda love song.
Which is a good move, but it sounds a bit emo.
Even the PV is quite emo, we just needed him to wear a black t-shirt then everything will be perfect. Joking!
The nature scene is well taken, the colour is quite refreashing aswell.


His first single to his new album “Departure”, he’s moving on from the cute innocent image. This song is quite different, the PV is very different compare to his old ones. Playing around with extreme close shot and focusing. Who is the PV director? I’m curious, I mean, there’s only a few scene. Him singing with white background, the couple facing each other, a bed scene and also a car scene. But the simplicity captures the attention. I like the effect of changing still shot along with the drum beat. Definetly a good decision. His new hair style is …. i hate to say it but HOT! Made him look a lot younger, which is a bad thing, because he already look like he’s 15. [Keep in mind he’s 21 now] Ha! He’s wearing a black shirt and a simple design necklace. I just enjoy watching the PV from a artist prespective.

Leaving’ – Acoustic

This is a bit annoying, as you can see his hand doing the same movement through out the WHOLE SONG! But his voice has improve, not drastically, but made some progress, I like it because it’s not too digitalised by computers. His facial expression was …. painful? Look like he have a worm in his tummy. XD

Well, it’s good to see him reflecting his mature side through his music. Even though I’m not a fan of USA pop or him. I’ll keep my eye close for his album. Who knows, maybe I will like him after all

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