H!P Release Countdown

This is a page where I’m going to count down to any major H!P release along [hopefully]with photos and previews.
But once it’s release more than a week, it will be remove from this page.
So keep an eye for this page for the latest release and news

Colour Code:
Hello! Project
Any H!P Unit
Morning Musume
Berryz Koubou


[Released] Hello!Project 2008 Summer Wonderful Hearts, Wonderful Play ~ Date at the Summer Resort Show DVD

Setlist: Wiki

[Release] Tanaka Reina – Very Reina (7th PB)

[Released] Milky Way – TANTANTAAN!


[11/5] Berryz Kobo 18th Single “MADAYADE”

Full Concert Preview: Mediafire
Streaming: Youtube[Audio]
B-side full preview: Mediafire

Abe Natsumi – Birthday Special Concert DVD

[11/12] Buono! 5th Single- Rottara Rottara

[11/12] ℃-ute Concert Tour 2008 Summer
Fan Recording [08/16/08 Chiba Night]: Sendspace

[11/12] ]Satoda Mai with Goda Kyodai – Mosugu Christmas

1. Mou Sugu Christmas
2. (ByeBye)
3. Mou Sugu Christmas (Intstrumental)

[11/19] Ogawa Mana – Suppin Rock

[11/24] Tsugunaga Momoko 3rd PB [Untitled]

[11/26] ℃-ute 7th Single – “Forever Love”
2. セブンティーンズ VOW (Seventeen’s VOW)
3. FOREVER LOVE (Instrumental)
Full Preview Radio Rip Download: Mediafire

[11/26] Morning Musume Aku Yuu tribute album [COVER YOU]

[11/26] Berryz Koubou – Genghis Khan TarTar Mix PV

[11/19] HANGRY & ANGRY 1st Mini-Album “Kill Me Kiss Me”

1. Kill Me Kiss Me
2. Angelia
4. ロマンティックにバイオレンス (Romantic ni Violence)
Previe Download: Mediafire


[12/3] Abe Natsumi 11th Single [Screen]
Preview Download: Mediafire

[12/3] Morning Musume/Cinderella The Musical DVD

[12/7] Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2008 Autumn, ~Berikore!~ DVD
Setlist: Wiki
Fan Recording [08/09 Tokyo]: Sendspace

[12/10] Abe Natsumi- Complete Best

[12/10] Mega Best CD & DVD
[This is not the setlist. Titles below are seperate CDs]
Taiyou to Cisco Moon(T&C Bomber )
Shuffle Unit MEGA BEST
Special Unit MEGA BEST
Country Musume MEGA BEST
Nakazawa Yuko MEGA BEST
Melon Kinenbi MEGA BEST
Tanpopo / Puchi Moni MEGA BEST
Nakazawa Yuko MEGA Best

[12/10] Shugo Chara Egg- Minna no Tamago

[12/17] Koharu Kusumi 3rd Album- Untitled

Jan 2009

[1/14] Berryz Koubou Best Album [Untitle]


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