Posted by: babylamchop | October 16, 2008

Berryz Koubou returns from ASF [Asia Song Festival]

The whole event is nothing less than spetecular. I’m so proud to be a fan of theirs.
So most of you would know that Asia Song Festival 2008 was held in Korea this year.
The Berryz participated in the Main Concert to recieved their Asia New Comer Award. Even though Berryz Koubou have debuted since 2003 but we can just ignore that and let them be “New”

Their reason of success, a lot have been argued. Some say it’s because of their latest single Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance, some say Morning Musume’s fame have rubbed on them, some say it’s their famous single Dschinghis Khan. Whatever it is that got Korea’s attention, it’s great.

Arrival to Korea

Supposely C-ute have always been more popular than Berryz [taking merchandise and CD sale wise] since day one, but Berryz is more marketable than C-ute. Anything you throw at Berryz, even the most silly look [hint: Yuke Yuke Monkey Suit] or rock Berryz poker face [Uta! Doki!] or funky warrior Dschinghis Khan. They always pull it off.

Other participates of this events included: W-inds[J-pop Boyband], DBSK[Korean Boyband], So Nyeo Shi Dae[Korean Girl Band], Karen Mok [Hong Kong Singer/Actor], Fahrenheit[from Taiwan], basically Berryz are invited along the best of the best artist around the asia. They received the Asia New Comers Award along with real new Korea boyband SHINee

They did a run through performance before the Main Concert.

Pretty much all live They did four songs: Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance, Speical Generation, Jingiskan, Tsukiattaeru no ni Kataomoi. Miya have mic trouble singing Speical Geneartion and MC.

Main Conert

I think only Risako, Miya and Momo are singing live in this one.

Then, they went and visit Lotte World. Which created quite a stir.

Overall, Berryz it’s the only unit apart from Morning Musume to have performaned outside Japan. Let’s hope they will continue to do so, and perhaps have a Korea tour next year? Since it’s Berryz Koubou’s 5th aniversary!
Berryz Koubou! Ganberre! Aishiteru!

For the girls that likes SHINee[Key] and Berryz
[Key dancing to Speical Generation]



  1. Congrats on Berryz Kobo’s Korean show … As for other Hello! Project units who have performed outside of Japan, I think Morning Musume has performed in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but I’m not sure how or when.

  2. Yeah that’s why I said “Berryz it’s the only unit apart from Morning Musume to have performaned outside Japan.”
    Momusu went to Hong Kong for a FC tour in 2005.
    And this year Taiwan.
    They also went to Korea and Shanghai[China] this year.
    And sometimes ago, Hawaii

  3. I’m so proud of Berryz 🙂 haha, I laughed so hard to the video of Key :”D aww,he’s such a cutie. It’s great thing that both groups were in ASF ‘cos i like them both (:

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