Posted by: babylamchop | October 2, 2008

Berryz Vs C-ute Uda Toki FC Events

Now now. FC events DVD have been release and I instantly went crazy and watched most of it. Along with Uda Toki in Berikyu, they have became my favourite performance. Why? Well first of all, the girls have more energy to sing the song properly, because they’re not running, dancing, doing blackflip or whatnot in concerts. They’re just singing. So most of the performance it’s their best of their best, and if you want to see certain member’s full potential. Here is where you can catch a glimse of their amazing singing skills.

First let’s review some of the Berikyu Uda Toki.

This is the ultimate tall girl duo. Kumai Yurina x Umeda Erika singing Nagisa no Haikara Ningyo.
I would have never thought their voice would blend together so well. Yurina tried to match with Erika’s high pitch voice buther voice crack if you listen closely to the first chorus. This is Yurina’s cutesey voice that you’ll never hear in concerts, it’s so werid to hear her with her baby voice. Erika have a very strong lead in this song, the song suits her very well as well. Plus the song is catchy. What’s here not to love about this performance?

Then it’s the Berryz covering Roppongi Shinju by Ann Lewis
This is the original version.

With their poker face, they definately got into the spirit of the song. Although every single time, I was so tempted to laugh when “Won’t you die” comes out. Massa and Yurina’s “Big City is a loely place” and Risako/Momo was probably the highlight of the song. Because Risako isn’t screaming, Momo is singing with her awesome low pitch voice. It is certainly very enjoyable to watch. Plus there are heaps of English phrase in this song, I’m so hooked onto “Can’t live without you babe, don’t want to let you go”. AND Captain’s opening was very captain-like. Rock style really fits Berryz, maybe after the whole retro 70s theme. Berryz’s next album/single could be rocking, angry, breaking up songs?

Moving onto the FC events.
There are quite alot of repeat fof songs. Chinami and Maimi both sung Momoiro Kataomoi. Kanna and Risako both did Tsukiatteru ni no Kataomoi. Ganbacchae was the most popular, sung by Chisato, Airi and Erika.

Chinami’s version of Momoiro Kataomoi was better because her voice suited the pitch, sure she might have trouble singing the high notes, but guess what? So did Maimi. Chinami was very energetic as smiley as always. Chinami also picked Semi for her Solo events. I guess she must really like that song. I’ve always like the way she phrase her sentence in Semi. It’s cute and sweet.

The biggest suprise would be Chisato’s performance. This tiny girl have probably the most amazing voice in C-ute yet. She also claims that she thinks her rival is Airi. With this voice, I think Airi might need to watch out. Her best profamce is Suna wo Kamu youni ~ NAMIDA. In someplace, she look like Yaguchi Mari, and I would have thought it’s Mari that’s singing. if you haven’t seen this performance, you better do it now.


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