Posted by: babylamchop | September 24, 2008

Cover Songs definately works in H!P

Tsuku suddenly decides doing cover songs are a way to go in H!P, first it was Jinjiskan now Momusu’s 37th Single Pepper Keibun. He must have a good eye for it, because they both turn out very sucessful [in my opinion]. It make sense because the original song is already very well done, all you have to do now is to change to an appropriate language/lyrics and add some new touches then voila! New Single!

The song itself it’s pretty catchy. The pairing it’s pretty different.
Verse 1:
Ai – Reina
Ai- Aika
Eri – Aika
Eri – Sayumi
JunJun – Risa
Koharu – LinLin
Ai – Risa
Sayumi – Koharu
JunJun – LinLin
Eri – Aika
Verse 2:
Risa – Reina
Risa – Koharu
Ai – Koharu
Ai – Sayumi
Eri – LinLin
Aika – JunJun
Similarly to Koi no Victory, but this is much bette, because verse are only sang by two people at a time, you can pick out the voice pretty easily.
Plus Lin and Jun got to harmony in the song where no one else gets to, it’s worth to take note on that

I wouldn’t say the PV is badly done, I like how they kept it simple to preserve the 70s feel. I wouldn’t have thought they’d pulled off Pink Lady’s look but with retro boots and mini-mini-dress, they look fabulous. The dance in the break was awesome, althought you can’t see Eri [the strongest dancer in MM] at all.

Despite the dance routine, Momusu have definately PWN the original version. No matter how many times I listen to the original one, the harmony just seems odd to me. Well nevertheless Pink Lady made history, they’re the one of two Japanese Artist to have ever reach the US Billboard Top 40 with one of their single “Kiss in the Dark”

I think next think I’ll stick to reviewing the Berryz cause I know them better with my current obssession. I’ve kinda throw Momusu out of the window


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