Posted by: babylamchop | September 13, 2008

Hi 5 to the Berryz

01. Happy! Stand Up:
I like the retro feel about this song. The base line it’s pretty rich. I like how the song sits on a low range.
Verse: I like how everyone gets a line.
Yurina – Risako – Chinami – Saki – Massa – Miyabi – Momo
Chorus: “Check it out Check it out”. Risako and Momo’s lines in the chorus is pretty good.

02.この指とまれ! [Chinami, Momo, Massa]
The rhyme of this song is so addictiv, I really like how they add brass into the song. It gives the song a very bouncy and light sound. The guitar solo is a bit boring and predictable. Chinami and Massa got great amount of lines which is awesome. This song reminds me of Warachaou yo BOYFRIEND

[hahah couldn’t find a picture that have Captain stead of chinami =p]
03. バカにしないで [Miyabi, Risako, Captain, Yurina]
Everytime I listen to this song, it reminds me of Suki Sugite Baka Mitai, and some Momusu PV. And the music sounds a bit like those theme song from Japanese Kids Hero Show. Risako and Miyabi dominates the song, nevertheless Captain have a good portion of lines. Yurina’s voice is a bit soft but she knows how to hit her high note. This song reminds me of Sayornara Hageshiki Koi, I wonder what the dance is gonna be like in live?

05. Ah Merry-go-round [Momo, Captain]
As soo as Momo said “Subete kara”, I think of Tokaikko Junjou but of course it sounded nothing like it. Captain’s voice have become relly strong. “Shiku te” in the break was amazing. The song is slightly too slow and tad too long. I actually skip the last 30 seconds when I first listen to the album.

[Hell, this combo is rare, trying to find this picture was a pain]
06. CLAP![Yurina, Chinami, Miyabi]
This is a love-hate song. You neither love or you hate it. I first hated it, it didn’t suit the album itself, but the more I listen to it, the more it grow on me. Yurina and Chinami’s voice matched really well as always. Miyabi’s voice is too unique so she really stuck out. The Cha-Cha-Cha bits was the bit that I didn’t like. This is a song that they would have done back in the Piriri Yukou era. It’s so genki that it’s too much

[Damn, this girl is just so gorgeous. She can’t hate a face like that]
07. REAL LOVE [Risako]
WHAT A SUPRISE! The bass beat is …hot! It have this Justin Timberlake feel to it. The verse sounds a bit dead to me comparing to the richness of the chorus. Captain better do a solo dance to this song. As much as I’m angry how Risako gets the most attention, she’s just too pretty for me to even dislike her. I like her shy personality as well.

08. 夢を一粒~Berryz仮面 Ending テーマ~
I didn’t see this coming. I was expecting more rock and Berryz Kamen kinda rhyme. But the whole Mexico/Spanish beat just won me over. I can almost see the girls weaing red long dress, hair slick back with a rose behind their ears and do the whole Iroppoi Jirettai dance. Massa’s solo was ownage.

11. BE
Bye Bye Matta Ne 2!!! Love the timpani effects before the last chorus. But slightly out of place with the theme of the album. But it will be a great closing song for the Concert.

12. スッペシャル ゲネレ~ション(エキセントリックスRemix)
To many people’s dislike, I actually loved this song. Maybe because I like hardcore techno. I like it because there’s different rhyme to the original one, speically the Stacato on Yurina and Momo’s line [Mawa sugu ukutade de-e-e-e-yo-o] Massa re-record over Maiha’s line, which sounded tad weird, because everyone else’s voice is still that baby voice and Massa is obviously matured. Nevertheless, her voice is pretty ^^.

Over all: This album is pretty retro and it’s definately different to the other H!P albums. The front line of Berryz haven’t changed much apart from Massa is getting so much more lines. [Which is a plus]. This album would do well.



  1. ilove youy

  2. Risako will butcher Real Love if it is ever performed live. That’s a given.

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