Posted by: babylamchop | August 20, 2008

Hello!Project Compulsive Addiction Disorder [HCAD]

So a lot of us listen to H!P, correct?
But just how addictive you are to H!P?

Perhaps if we have a guideline to our addictiveness will come in handy.

Stage Zero:
1. You listen to 1-2 artist form Hello! Project, mainly MoMusu.
2. You download their A side single
3. You like other J-pop idols as well

Stage One:
1. You remember your favourite’s full name and you can still recognized her in video that are 3 years ago
2. You know the bits and pieces to Momusu’s history
3. You have a separate folder to put Momusu’s music.

Stage Two:
1. You know every member’s name in Momusu/favourite H!P group
2. Starting to know different active groups in H!P
3. You start watching their PV more than four times each

Stage Three:
1. You now have a wallpaper for your computer/mobile phone/mp3
2. You start to listen to the hiatus/inactive groups as well
3. You starting to read blogs or forums about H!P

Stage Four:
1. You start downloading their live concert, fan live recording and TV shows
2. You remember most of the nicknames of the member from H!P
3. You have a favourite member/list in MoMusu/H!P group
4 [If you don’t know Japanese, you start to know words/short sentences]

Stage Five:
1. You start deleting non-H!P songs from your play list or you automatically skip the song
2. You start linking everything back to H!P
3. You can sing along half of the songs

Stage Six:
1. You can recognised their voices even they’re not from your favourite group
2. You download nothing but H!P stuff
3. You start to have a collection of H!P merchandise

Stage Seven:
1. [You learn Japanese just for the sake of understanding their TV show without subs]
2. [You wish that you’re born in Japan so then it’s easier to buy their CDs and photo-cards and attending their concerts]
3. You don’t like people talking to you while you’re listening to your H!P music

Stage Eight:
1. You get pissed off when one of your friends say H!P idol or J-pop idol are disgusting and skanky-like
2. You feel like bashing them when your friends say your favourite girl is too typically Japanese [pretend to be cute]
3. You doodle anything that links to H!P[song name, lyrics, nickname, cartoon-face] all over your memo-pad or anywhere you can

Stage Nine [The Ultimate Stage]:
1. You think you have a special with your favourite girl
2. You don’t think your favourite girl will have a boyfriend simply because you believe your favourite idol would never let you down
3. H!P is simply a lifestyle



  1. Hey! What about those of us that buy the physical CDs? Or those of us that have worship blogs devoted to our favorite H!P members?

  2. I’m at like 6 and a half xD

  3. Oh damn.

    I’m pretty much on the last stage.
    This isn’t good.

  4. I think I’m a solid seven

  5. err… i’m actually a mixture of all stages. i mainly listen to mm songs… watch their pvs everyday for almost 8 hours a day. watch all their gameshows and reality program like the baka shoujo except for haromoni. knew every member’s background. i also have fav members of mm. and i can recognize whose and whose voice in the songs….

    looking back at my comments.. i have truly become a mm convert. wow.

  6. aiya? then i’m really a stage seven fan??!! wah lau… then i truly have HCAD.

    so u r in which stage? XD

  7. im on stage 10 im seriously looking for an asian wife and pretend shes from h!p….>.<

  8. 6.5

  9. im at 9.5,i really want ai-chan to be my older sister!

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