Posted by: babylamchop | August 8, 2008

Beijing Olympic 2008

Thought I’ll just say it out loud.
I haven’t watch it….yet
Tonight I’ll be sitting at home with my popcorn.
[Because I’m posting this at schoo when I suppose to be doing my reserch project]

There are way too many political problems that is created.
So I don’t think I’ll go into any of them.

I am however torn between which country should I support?
Australia or China?
I secretly want both of them to win, but that would be possible

I wonder who’s going to sing in the open ceremony?

Hello! Project doesn’t have the annual Sport Festival thing anymore right?
Cause I would like to see the tall Yurina compete.
And see if our fastest Maimi could still held her own record.
Why don’t they have it anymore?
It’s such a cute event.

Hello!Project 60M Run.
Maimi beats them all.
YAY Yurina won her race ^^
Eri the turtle got PWNED XD


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