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Yurina only gets higher

Yesterday is 6th of August. Some of you would remember it’s the day of the Hiroshima Bombing back in World War II.
And it’s also one of my friend’s b’day.

Anyways, looking back. I have posted almost nothing in August/July. And there were sooooo much I could have done. But instead I lazed around and do nothing. So from now on, GANBARRE!!

I thought I would do a post on Kumai Yurina
Since she have been my number one Berryz from day one.
Even though she’s not the best looking, there’s something about her that I just love.

Right from the beginning of her Hello! Project Kid audition. She had already show a very promising voice. The strongest out of the Year 1 – Year 3 bunch.

She is best known for her height. At the age of 15[she just had her birthday on the 3rd of August], she’s standing tall at 178cm [5″10]. She’s even taller than Iida Kaori [168cm]. She is the tallest in the entire Hello! Project.

She’s been given a lot of solo lines since the beginnging of Berryz. But sometimes she get butt off from the front line, where the focus is on Risako, Momoko or Miyabi. In albums, she’s regularly the lead singer along with the three.

She was given a solo slot in the 2006 concert just before Momoko. Even though she’s really quite within Berryz, she’s always energetic in performance. She look like so cute when she step down the stairs like a floating flower.

Her fringe kept changing. There was a time were she doesn’t have fringe, and she reminds me so much of the young Niigaki Risa. I think she look cute with fringe.

In Wonderful Heart 2006 Summer Concert, she did Ishouha Renoir no Youni along with Hitomi[Momusu], Maimi[C-ute] and Erika[V-u-den]. Her voice was so cutsey back then. She did really well with the dancing as well. I was quite impressed by her performance.

Someone manage to get a mic hack of Yurina and Risako in Waracchaou Yo Boyfriend in one of the 2006 concerts. I don’t get why she’s singing when they’re lip-sync. But as you can see, even though she’s running out of breath, she still try very hard and she manage to hit the right notes.

Her voice has dramactically changed from 2007, she used to have the cutsey voice, but now in live, her voice is quite low and rich. There were a rumour how because she grow so tall in a short period of time, she lost countrol of her voice and it become harder for her to dance due to her height.

Berryz Koubou Spring Sakura Makai Concert. Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai 3:05 her face is sooo adorable. She hits all high notes perfectly. Is there anything she can’t do?

In Berryz Koubou 2007 Summer Concert, Nanchuu koi wo yatteruu YOU KNOW has always been Yurina’s song. It shows how steady her voice can be. Her voice is more consistant than other Berryz. I always love her “jiman shitai naa”

Chinami. The third tallest in Berryz Koubou do a lot of duet/trio with her in concerts. Their vocie use to blend so well together, even though Yurina’s voice-change, it’s a good comboniation. This is a pure show off to their long model-like legs.

She finally received her Photobook last year August. I was so happy for her.

Haahah, how cute ><


Her version of Dschinghis Khan, she’s so cute when she does her love-heart hand sign. “Chansu wa Ima”

In the last Wonderful Heart 2008 Winter Concert, she did Tanpopo’s Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru with Erika, Maimi and Chinami. Her voice is so low compare the other three. In a live recording that I’ve got. Her voice is the most visible out of the group. Her sings her solo lines so effortlessly.

There’s still so much I wanna post, and there still so many video of her I want to share, but I just couldn’t put everything here. I get so carried away on youtube as well = =”
Nee, so I’ll stop here. Prohaps we’ll revisit her some other time ^^

Oh that’s right. My current obession is Captain. I think I’m going to do Berryz Vs C-ute blog next. Or Captain Saki? Or Chisato x MaiMai? Or Hello! Project Wonderful Hearts 2008 Summer[since I’ve got my hands on a fan recording]…
*dies* There’s so much I wanna talk about, I just don’t have enough time ><


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