Posted by: babylamchop | August 5, 2008

The hecticness of Hello! Project’s Summer

As I’m sitting beside my heater, drank my juicebox in one sip, ate my Kinder Bueno and drank Schweppes’s Lemon and Lime Bitter [which taste like crap, don’t ever get it], listening to C-ute’s Edo no Temari Uta II, BTing tons of Hello! Project music. And I thought, why is everything happening together in the same time?
Then it hits me. Because the rest of the world is having their summer holiday. OF COURSE!
For example. Both Morning Musume and H!P Kids [Berryz Koubou/C-ute] already had their individual concerts, then in July, they have a combine one in Osaka.
C-ute’s single came straight after Berryz’s and Buono!’s single is coming very close by. Ayaka graduate and is getting married. Cinderalla Complex Musical is coming out. Being a H!P is definately time consuming.

Let’s start with the Berryz’s Yuke Yuke Money Dance single, shall we?

At first. All I could think of is. WTF
I mean the music is okay. The suit? and the dance? So Strange…….
But Money Dance had it’s history in the 60’s if I’m not mistaken. The more I listen to it, the more I appearciate it.
The stranger is it, the more it will sale in Japan. We’re talking about Japan after all.
Risako is not screaming in this single. She sounded very mellow and sweet.
Yurina dance in the break was cute, for once in the whole clip, she’s standing smack bang in the middle.

Captain, Chinami and Massa is stealing the rest of the spot-light when they’re in the monkey suit.
Their wacky face expression amuse me to no end.
Usually in PVs, I always like the Close Up version better, but this time around, I like the Monkey Version better. The fact that Momo fall down and Risako forgotten her line, Saki eats up Risako’s screening time, Momo got pushed by Captain but Yurina saved her. All of the funny stuff happen in the Monkey Version. I’ve been watching it the 14103918 times.

There’s few line that are quite interesting as well.
“Monkey dance nippon yuke yuke [c’mon Japan]
Joi koto atte yuke yuke [having great expectation]
Ichiban satte yuke yuke [even if you’re number one]

Tikitikiti saa madamada nippon wa yaru zo [C’mon Japan still has a long way to go]
Tikitikiti saa medaru wo takusan toru zo [C’mon we still have a lot of medals to win]”
Are they hencing Olympic?

I was so going to do C-ute’s single. But it’s 1:14am right now. I’m drained from school.
So I’ll post another. And the next post, I promise it will be much more detailed than this one



  1. amazing how you could write articles like a pro… so interesting even on a song that many didnt liked forgot to ad to those that didnt like this song that the song is targeted to kids not to the average age

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