Posted by: babylamchop | July 25, 2008


Formal is next week.
I’ve got a dress.
But haven’t got my shoe, nor bag.
Don’t know what to do with my hair
or makeup.

Who knows there’s so much fuss
about one fuction.
Annoys me how I have to be there.
After party are in the middle of no where.
Limo are way too expensive.
Should have got a hummer instead.
Still don’t know where to go after
the formal.

Need to buy fabric tomorrow in Spotlights.
Making lots and lots and lots of big
hair ribbons.
Getting new phone.
Don’t know which one to pick.
Sidekick is a crappy phone, but
i want it.
LG touch screen is slighty better…
but i can’t quite pinpoint what is it that
i don’t like….
Sony Ericsson’s new model are too dorky.
Nokia is a big no no from me.
And let’s forget about Samsung all together.
Phone from ebay maybe?
I love those Japanese exclusive chunky phone.

Making choices are so hard ….
Don’t want to think about anything……


I’m over him. For a while now.
I’m not angry or sad.
Sort of relief that it’s over.
Time has fulfilled it’s purpose.
I don’t love him anymore. I don’t have any
feelings outside of friendship towards him
Move on for your own sake.
Relationship doesn’t work one way.
The reason he still cling on to this.
It’s because of his depression problem
hence his insomnia.
“Cashback” is a perfect movie about
There’s no point dwelling on this.
I read his blog. Every single one.
They make me feel guilty because
I didn’t tell him exactly how I feel.
Didn’t want to break his heart.
Thought I’ll be nice.
But that would be unfair for both of us.
Truth hurts.
Plus. I don’t think he’ll like to know
what I’ve been up to.



  1. thats why ive never had a gf …women suck..>.<…just tell him “why” so he learn from hes mistakes …be a man!!jk

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