Posted by: babylamchop | June 23, 2008

H!P Banners

I’m so sorry about not posting for more than a week.
And I’m constantly feeling guilty no matter what I’m doing at school. I kept telling myself “I’ll have to blog tonight.”
But the truth is, my dad block youtube in our internet, so no one can go on youtube no matter which computer they’re on, because frankly we have four computers. So I was going to post about Goto Maki’s come back, but I can’t find her old auditions and such without youtube.
It annoys me to no end. But what can I say, downloading movies from bit torrent is a lot of fun.

So this week, I thought I’ll put up some banners that I have made in the past here.
Just a little something, so you guys won’t bored to death. You can use them if you want to, I’ll be honoured. Just don’t say you make them, because they do take a lot of time to make even though they’re not the best.

Double Wave – Michishige Sayumi
[One of my favourite creation. I think the photo is from her photobook.]

Double Wave [Colour]
[A different feeling to it]

The cuteness of silence – Michishige Sayumi
[Oh my god. Tell me she’s not cute. She’s rapidly rising to one of my favourite member of Momusu. I’m impress by her improved singing skill and her witty comments. She’s proving herself to be more than her looks.]

Rising Star- Mitsu Aika
[This girl is amazing and she’s still getting a hard time from fans because she’s new and how people thinks she doesn’t fit in Momusu with her cutesey image. But her singing skill have always impressed me and she’s growing up so fast ^^]

Ne? – Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi and Niigaki Risa
[This is my first Momusu banner, I’m still very happy with this banner, although my name was a bit too big.]

RiSayu – Michishige Sayumu and Niigaki Risa
[I wanted to make a banner of them both, just when I was daunting over the title. Their name hit me, Risa + Sayumi = RiSayu. It’s almost too perfect to be true]

Love – Takahashi Ai and Michishige Sayumi
[The picture was from one of their concert, the background is from Berryz Koubou concer photobook]

Untitled – Goto Maki
[My very first H!P banner, it is also my first time making a actual banner.]

Untitled – Kumai Yurina
[Yurina is one of the best singers in Berryz Koubou, but frankly not many fans like her. In concert, she sings everyone of her solo lines loud and clear so effortlessly. Standing at 174cm, she’s my favourite Berryz]

Marane – Sugaya Risako
[I made this banner for Marane-chan, her character was Risako. While Risako is not the best singer and her yelling skill doesn’t impress me. She always look good on photo. Maybe because she’s 1/4 Canadian?Maybe…]

Blue Berryz – Momoko, Chinami, Captain Saki
[The reason I did this banner was purely because of Chinami then I discover Saki’s cute picture so I decide to go with the blue theme. These are the photos from Berryz Kamen Vs. Cuties Ranger Battle Concert. C-ute are pink and Berryz are blue. I was going to add Reina and Risa. But it doesn’t doesn’t fit. So I dig out a low qaulity picture of Momoko. Doesn’t look good but Chinami and Saki is perfect in that photoset]

Domination of Berryz – Natsuyaki Miyabi and Captain Saki
[I remember I made this quickly after my discovery of Miyabi’s so-call scandal.]

STARDUST – Final Fantasy – Tifa
[My forum’s banner. She’s not from the anime, she’s a girl that does Tifa cosplay. How gorgeous is she?]

Anyway, enough for today. I need sleep.
Let me know your opinions. Feedback needed!!!
Hopefully I’ll finish my Goto Maki blog this weekend *finger crossed*



  1. well i actually cannot believe to see the differences of the earlier maki goto and now… she just looks so different… what a transition!

  2. are you a graphic artist by nature or you took training because those are really good… you used photoshop? if not tell me what yu use im looking for a diferent software…i used to love picture publisher an old easier program that just vanish … i love the fonts you used very gothic…talking about love ..i can see youre really passionated about helloproyect …because when u love something all the creative juices come up…and as an artist myself and i really love what you did ..very professional….

  3. whaaaaa sugoi… can im gonna use one of these

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