Posted by: babylamchop | June 9, 2008

Two years of waiting for….Ogawa Makoto

After three days of no computer because my parents abandoned me at some random friend’s house. The first thing I found myself typing when I get my hands on the internet was ‘”.
I’m not sure if anyone else is feeling me, but regularly checking up on any H!P news is becoming a routine for me. And I can NOT believe the first thing I read after those long three tiring days.

The 5th generation Ogawa Makoto is BACK !!!
It’s so rare to see girls gone for such a long time from Hello! Project and come back continuing their show buisness.
For those who don’t know, she graduated from Morning Musume in 2006 to study English in New Zealand. Since then, no one have heard from her apart from random pictures that pops up in fan sites.
Her lastest appearance was on Haromoni.

She captured my eye when I was watching the PV of Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wo Ookiizo~
Her wacky face expression and energetic just amused me to no end.
Her blonde hair suited her personality as well.

She was a decent singer in Morning Musume, is just that no one really took notice of it untill she was left.
One of my favourite performance by her was in the Morning Musume ft Vi.yu.den Musical “Ribon no Kishi”.
Her voice was definitely better than Koharus, hands down.

On Konno Asami’s graduation concert, it was also her graduation concert, except fans weren’t aware of it. Fans perparhed pink glowing stick for KonKon while she gave her graduation speech. But nothing for Matoko. Members were suprisingly cold towards Matoko while giving their speech to both girls. Kusumi was quite annoying while giving her speech, she kept using her hand to cover the mic, what for? She’s not wishpering or anything. The whole the stadium can hear her….-sweat drop-

On the other hand, I found a Miyabi picture and I absolutely LOVE her hair.
Maybe I should get my hair cut like her ^^

Anyways I always get so distracted when i’m on Hello! Online’s picboard.
I end up saving zillion of pictures.

It is a good news, because I was just wondering how she’s gone for so long. Maybe she will never come back -tears-
I wonder what group or role will she play in the Hello! Project family.

A soloist, or joining Ongaku Gatas? That would be nice to see. Because Yossie will be there. And there will be many jokes if the two are together. XD
I wonder will her speak English in a New Zealand accent? [points at Chum]



  1. […] The hair styles of Hello! Project Up! Front Agency creates phsycopath Two years of waiting for . . Ogawa Makoto […]

  2. yea makoto’s singing is much more controlled than koharu.

  3. Yes, mock my Kiwiness. Go on. In turn I shall mock your addiction.

    “The first thing I found myself typing when I get my hands on the internet was ‘”.
    I’m not sure if anyone else is feeling me, but regularly checking up on any H!P news is becoming a routine for me.”
    — Signs of an addiction.

  4. I think the thing with her graduation was maybe that she was appearing in Ribon no Kishi after the graduation concert whereas Konno was leaving immediately. So to the members maybe it didn’t seem like her proper graduation yet. I doubt there was any real cold feeling towards her. Glad to see her back now. I think Ongaku Gatas lost a member or two recently and she did used to play for them…

    *crosses fingers*

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