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Up! Front Agency creates phsycopath

The irony of all. I was going to do a time line of how Miyabi have changed since she joined H!P Kids, because of this picture i found. I think she look stunning and I’m inspire by her.

Then the scandal have erupted just two days ago. I’m disappointed. Not because what Miyabi have done [or seem to have done as it is not officially confirmed], but disappointed to how it is seen as a scandal.

There are too many points I want to say about Up! Front Agency and I don’t really know where start as I’m typing myself away.
First of all, many H!P fans would know this is definitely NOT the first time this kinda of ‘scandal’ have happened. Some of them are serious, some of them are minus.

I’m sick of people blaming on the girls, “Well, they signed the contract, so they shouldn’t do it”.
They were a child when they signed the contract. When you’re eight, did you think about what university that you’re gonna go in, did you think about having a boyfriend/husband/kids, did you think about what future you want to have?
They just want to dance and sing on stage for fun.
In Japan, if you’re underage, you can only sign the contract if you have consent, the contract is also designed to where parents have almost no power over their girls so it will not interference what U!FA would want to do.

Keep in mind that these girls doesn’t have a proper childhood. They probably never come in contact with boys their own age. They properly don’t know anything about butterfly in the stomach when they sing those love songs. They properly don’t know their dance move evoke sexual thoughts. They will never know how fanatic would go and jerk themselves off with their photo book and worship them like they’re gods.They don’t know anything about protecting themselves in a relationship. The guys might be just using their fame or just to get what they want physically. I doubt the girls were taught to use condoms since they weren’t suppose to see any boy to start with. Why do you think Nozomi got pregnant accidentally?

U!FA uses that vulnerability of the girls to creates this innocent, ‘pure’, virgin image, mind you, it is U!FA who push them to release photo album that contains girls wearing bikini, showing off rather big portion of skin and pose in a lot of suggestive pose , it is also U!FA that have the girls dancing in provocative moves.
Not only on physical appearance, U!FA is also very good at manipulating the girl’s personality. Every line they say on a TV show or in concerts is pre-scripted, so they could easily portray them as how the Agency wanted.

So it is no wonder wotas are fooled into getting extremely attached to the girls. And becoming more obsessiveness towards them. THIS is a mental health issue. Hardcore Wotas that go literally insane after knowing ‘scandals’, needs to get themselves a psychiatrists. And it doesn’t help that U!FA is in fact encouraging fans to be extremely attached so  they U!FA could make more money.

Some said it’s okay for them to date, but it’s not okay for them to have sexual encounter. Why? The legal age for sexual consent is 13 in Japan. Why is it not okay, beucase you’re too attached to the girls? The body and mind is the girls, not yours. Someone point out that they are not allow to have love interest, it’s because it sells. What sells? You mean sex sells? Yes, I am aware of that, and I’m sick of the girls being treated this way so the company would make more money. It is ethically wrong to fire a person because of their love interest, it should be erase from their contract. It’s discrimination towards women, and the girls should have basic human rights. It is very much a disgrace to such a cilvilised country to see such contract exsist. Up! Front Agency are using the girls like they’re items.

Do you really expect this girl to have no boyfriend at all? No relationship what so ever. Or are you just jealous of the boys that in her heart?
Great. Now I’m lost whether I should do another blog on her or not.



  1. I agree with most of your points… every fandom has its psycho fans, so to speak, but UFA practically encourages it. I guess that’s the idol business, but that doesn’t make it fair… I’ve noticed UFA are especially harsh on the whole dating issue in comparison to other idol companies. Maybe it’s double standards for female and male, but I know for a fact that Johnny’s Entertainment goes no where near as UFA in regards to dating. Indeed, if the boy really was Inoo Kei from Hey Say JUMP (which I doubt personally) he would only get a slap on the wrist.

    I have to admit though… maybe when Miyabi and the other Berryz were young, they didn’t know about the more seual aspects of the dance, but they’d have to be incredibly naiive not to know about it now. After all, UFA is a majority of their life, not their whole life – they go to school, and even if they are private, in same-sex, or both, at school they are bound to talk about sex and whatnot, they are teenagers after all. And H!P is a girls only company, and girls gossip – they can’t be so shielded that they don’t know bikini photos are meant to be sexy.

    Also, it isn’t really the UFA’s responsibility to teach safe sex, it’s more school or peers, however I don’t know whether in Japan there is Sex Ed like there is in other countries. Though I do admit after Tsuji’s pregnancy the agency would be stupid not to make sure their idols were a little more careful.

  2. i actually do agree with you. there’s nothing wrong with these stars having a relationship. and i don’t understand why the agency would want to include ‘relationship’ in the contract… … it’s kinda like paedophile but in this term … maintaining their innocent look. *shudder*

  3. i’m a big fan of i’m anger for some reason..i will always love miyabi …what ever what their sayy

  4. You covered it perfectly. UFA has a responsibility to its girls to protect them as well as educate them, (especially educate them in important life matters) If UFA wants to tempt the male fans, then they must also provide eduucate the girls in matters relating to their continuing maturity. They are growing up no matter who likes it or not. There really is not too much available about these girls in their surveys. Even with 100 questions, their only career expectations were dancer, kindergarten teacher, nurse, airline stewerdess, model and cashier. That was several years ago. What do they want to do now? The “Little Fruit” had better be ready for life AFTER UFA. Most are turning 16 this year, and one will reach 17. They are entering their most “fruitful” years. They should at least have more input creatively as well as more career preparation.

    I recently made a shocking discovery about a former classmate. (Yes, I am probably the oldest Berryz fan.) I always wondered what happened the senior year and she was not there. I only thought she moved away as some classmates do. Over the years yer absence in the graduation yearbook, and reunions concerned me. I though I would write someone in one of those alumni web sites asking about her. Some low life “jock” got her pregnant. I know she must have been horrified at what happened. What that girl must have gone through with friends and family, especially for those 9 months. I knew her for 6 years, and then she had to “dissappear”. Fortunately, she pulled herself and her life together after years.

    I feel a special way toward Miyabi as she reminds me of my sister. They even look similar. She had her own challenges. I only hope that Miyabi takes this as an opportunity to at least educate herself to what her employer does and requires, and to prepare for life after the Berryz. The other Berryz girls had better do the same.

  5. I agree with you, M! P has made mistakes, they should change their policies in the future.

  6. […] hair styles of Hello! Project Up! Front Agency creates phsycopath Two years of waiting for . . Ogawa […]

  7. I completely agree with you on all of your points.
    UFA is extremely unfair.

  8. well just put this in the producer shoes and wota fans shoes . it is not the policies that is fault, it is the person who folloled them and took pictures and video or her. If this wasnt posted out. how would wota fan get angry at the first place? as for the producer thats like the only clever way to earn money. Well as a fact you know how time and effort they put in to push this girls from normal person like us to a star? and paying them salary and all the other staff, all this things cost money … and if UFA company doesnt think of a way to earn money there wont be such a company at first place . Well i myself is a wota fan too and i know how is it to be angry
    when ur idolist is in this situation.
    You know how much money has wota spend on the items they bought in order the company to earn money ? .If u guys want to blame just blame on the person who followed her ! Dont blame on the company or even wota who got angry over this.

  9. All points are right
    We can compare them to the machines that controlled by humans
    they do not have the real private life.

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