Posted by: babylamchop | May 22, 2008

Something about Jesse McCartney that….

No No and Hell no!
I’m NOT his fan or anything, I don’t even like him in the first place.

But there’s just something about him and his new single I can’t put my finger on.
Let’s review his previous songs.

Beautiful Girls

It’s a slow ballad, cute lyrics, getting all the young teen girls screaming and squealing.
OKAY! We get it, he is cute blah blah blah
The song is simple, you can even say it’s a bit boring.
But jumping into someone else’s pool doesn’t seem a very beautiful soul to me XD!
Have to admit, it’s catchy so that make it one good pop song.

She’s No You

I absolutely loved this PV even though I’m not his fan.
The black and white work as a champ, and it’s not many video you see that’s pure black and white.
From a photographer point of view, this PV is a very well done piece of art, to contrast the busy and emptiness of city life.
1:56 – 1:58 it’s my highlight of the PV, I know, I know, Jesse it’s not even on the shot
But c’mon, coffee spilling from the girl missplacing her cup due to staring at Jesse is a pretty smart move.
The chorus annoys me abit with “She’s no you”, I understand that my grammar is not perfect, but “She’s no you” is just grammartically wrong. Almost doesn’t make sense.

Because You Live

Still in his semi-slow ballad love song mode. The PV features him in his touring action. I though the song lack bass, and the drum line was too simply and dull. But what can you say? It’s a pop song. Frankly, this is not as catchy as other song though.

Just So You Know

Is it me, but all his title is the first line of his chorus.
Can’t he think of some interesting title for his songs, ever?
Moving right along! This have step outside from the lovey-dovey-dedicated-to-you kinda love song.
Which is a good move, but it sounds a bit emo.
Even the PV is quite emo, we just needed him to wear a black t-shirt then everything will be perfect. Joking!
The nature scene is well taken, the colour is quite refreashing aswell.


His first single to his new album “Departure”, he’s moving on from the cute innocent image. This song is quite different, the PV is very different compare to his old ones. Playing around with extreme close shot and focusing. Who is the PV director? I’m curious, I mean, there’s only a few scene. Him singing with white background, the couple facing each other, a bed scene and also a car scene. But the simplicity captures the attention. I like the effect of changing still shot along with the drum beat. Definetly a good decision. His new hair style is …. i hate to say it but HOT! Made him look a lot younger, which is a bad thing, because he already look like he’s 15. [Keep in mind he’s 21 now] Ha! He’s wearing a black shirt and a simple design necklace. I just enjoy watching the PV from a artist prespective.

Leaving’ – Acoustic

This is a bit annoying, as you can see his hand doing the same movement through out the WHOLE SONG! But his voice has improve, not drastically, but made some progress, I like it because it’s not too digitalised by computers. His facial expression was …. painful? Look like he have a worm in his tummy. XD

Well, it’s good to see him reflecting his mature side through his music. Even though I’m not a fan of USA pop or him. I’ll keep my eye close for his album. Who knows, maybe I will like him after all



  1. Hello! I have no opinon on this matter, just thought I should comment just to say Hi. Hi!

  2. I think jesse is definetly talented.* tht person who doesn’t like him iss obviously wronq.not only iss he a qreat sinqer,but he is very very attractive.I mean REALLY attractive.!!!
    this is the internet & I would of said a few immature stuff but he is very sexyy 😉
    Woo hoo I said it lol iite well buy his album.!!
    Love yuh jesse.!* 😉

  3. i love youjhesse, soso much youy are smply…. PERFECT
    hope i meet you sometime…


  4. yakışıklı adam şarkılarıda güselllll….I’M FROM TURKEY:):)

  5. i love you sooo sooo much….jhesse
    you are so hot !!!!!! =]
    i hope i meet you sometime..
    come visit in israel..!!!!!

    i send to big big big big kisss kissss kissss

  6. Ok, for someone who doesn’t “even like him”, you sure spent a lot of time analyzing and gathering all of his video’s to make a site for him. “Who knows, maybe I will like him after all” =( Maybe you like him already!!! lol

    Great site though. Thanks for the work.

    He is a great singer. He does the same hand movements in the acoustic session, like he is “lil wayne” rapping, but it is very difficult to perform when you have to be attached to the equipment. I am sure with wireless equipment, he will do better.

  7. omg i love jesses new hair and he is so hott

  8. i think the producer made have that haircut and the reason why they tryed to make him younger is the people that listen to his music is 13-19 and if he is 21 he will not give any body antention like hannah montana she 15 and here audicence is 8-18 because she has a whole list of songs for different ages +she has her own tv show and here dad is billy ray cyrus a popular country singer im 15 male and i listen to all 3 artist

  9. I love you … but you every perfect … hi

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