Posted by: babylamchop | May 20, 2008

The Double H. High King and Happ! Style

Finally, something interesting is happening in H!P.

High King:

Takahashi Ai [Lead of Morning Musume], Tanaka Reina [Morning Musume], Shimuzu Saki [Captain of Berryz Koubou], Yajima Mai [Leader of C-ute] and Maeda Yuuki [Hello! Pro Egg] are forming the newest group in H!P to promote the Cinderalla Musical.
I’m so glad to see Captain here. As she’s often left out in Berryz and not getting enough attention as the leader, she is the Captain after all, you know.
It’s no suprise how Up!Front Agency is pushing the popular girls to the front line. So it didn’t shock me by putting Ai, Reina and Mai together.
Yuuki is a bit of mystery here, as she is one of the million of eggs [I’m struggling to remember than names]. She definetly caught my eye and hopefully we’ll see something good from here
There is a low-quality mp3 floating around somewhere.
Sound track list – C/C (Cinderella Complex):

  1. C/C (Cinderella Complex)
  2. Kioku no Meiro
  3. C/C (Cinderella Complex) (Instrumental)

The break-down of solo lines are the following:
Takahashi: 7
Reina: 7
Yajima: 2
Saki: 2
Yuuka: 2
I would say this line up could be better if they take away Reina and Yuuki and put Nakazawa Yuko along with Ogawa Saki, then we shall see the Real Kings of H!P.

Happy! Style:

Consist: Abe Asami (Kansai), Iwashima Manami, Nakayama Nana, Noto Arisa, Ogura Yui, Sasamine Aoi, Suma Ai
It’ quite interesting as Noto Arisa leading the group, herself is a Hello! Pro Egg, and it’s werid to see her working outside of Ongaku Gatas, it makes me wonder that what is happening to OG? [Even if the offical image of OG is updated to 8 current line-up, nothing is really happening! Frausration!]
This group is not under Hello! Project nor TNX. It’s under the Up Front Style. I’m not exactly sure how it works.
And apparently their performance style are like AKB-48 which worth while taking note. It’s interesting to see something differernt occuring in the world of H!P and UFA.
On the same note, Sasamine Aoi, a trainee in the group.
She really got my attention. I think she is drop dead gorgeous and she slightly look a bit like Abe cross with Maki

Well, eough of me talking. It’s 1:25am. I should really be sleeping or doing my homework. But right now, I’m leaning towards sleeping. Hopefully, I’ll find something to critise on about. How about some dubgroup work? I just got a few update, it should be good.


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