Posted by: babylamchop | May 9, 2008

Gossip Girl

A show that I’ve been watching for a while. While we don’t live in America and be able to watch the episodes free on their official website. We just get around with it.
This show is simple, rich Upper-East-sider kids, goes to a non-exist private school with no exam or school work involved, amazing outfits, hot characters, never-ending scandals and steamy make-out scene. It creates the perfect dramatic TV show. It is originally written as a book, but once you watched it, reading the book doesn’t have the same impact as visual on screen.

It seems that it is the exaggerate version of the OC. Now I’m not a fan or the OC and possibly never  will be. But I’m so addicted to this show, I’m in love with all the characters.
So we’re just gonna go through briefly just who are who and how are they involved in this crazy rich world.

Starting on the far left we have our gorgeous sweet heart, Dan Humphrey, he’s a unknown “Lonely Boy”. Living possibly out of the Uppper East. But he have a heart of gold and had a massive crush on Serena which is to his left.
Serena, one of the most popular girl, you simply cannot stay in the Upper-East without knowing her name. She went to a Manhattan boarding school mysteriously, coming back have made everyone to raise their eyebrown.
On the top of the car, we have our pervert Chuck Bass. His father have just engaged with Serena’s mum, so they’re now half brother/sister. He wanted to take avantage of Jenny Humphrey (on his right) when she went to a party for the first time.
Then we have our Mrs.Nice, Nate, which have this on going love fair with Blair Wardolf on his right. But things are complicated like that.

Anyways, enough of me talking, I recommend you to watch it even if you’re only interest in Sci-Fi, Vampire, Soap, or anything else.
It’s worth the time, trust me



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