Posted by: babylamchop | May 6, 2008

My Momusu ranking

To start my blog offically, I’m going to do a ranking review of Morning Musume.

1. Nii-Nii
She stood out to me in “Sakura Mankai” PV. When everyone else have their fringe trim and style, she seems to be the only girl with parted hair. When she sing her solo line “Nanbyaku ne gake demo nari taino”, she competely win my heart with her unique voice/accent. I then watch PV over and over again so I can see her pretty face. She’s so energetic and happy all the time, I find myself smiling everytime I see her in clips and such speically in “Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wo Ookiizo~”

2. Elizabeth Kyamei
She started to get my attention when I discover her version of “100ki no Kiss” in Pro-Hour. I thought she have a pretty voice, unstable at some times but overall good. Then she look better and better through out the past 2 year when her short hair is slowly growning out. Let’s hope she won’t plan to cut it again. Her humor have also captured me, some say she have an annoying high-pitch voice. But I found her voice very different to those fake cutesey ones.

3. Sayu-Peace
I always liked her cute face around in Morning Musume, even though she have a weak voice within Momusu. But have you seen her in “Hello! Project Winter Concert 2008”? She aced her solo lines and most of all, she totoally own “Robo Kiss” along with Risako. At first I thought it’s pre-record, but that surely is not the case. I am looking forward to her new ‘i-can-sing-not-just-a-cute-face’ image. Usa-peace and the bunny image in Haromoni suits her so well.

4. Reina
I used to love her, she can sing, she can dance, her outfit is inspirational. But these days, it’s just getting a bit boring. Her voice is sometimes hard to listen to. I can hear her forcing the kawaii-ness, when her normal voice is already cute enough. Can’t Tsuku just tell her to sing normally? Surely Tsuku can tell what she’s trying to do. Nevertheless, I still like her as a overall.

5. Jun Jun
Now, why did I rate Jun Jun so high? I have no idea really. It was a tough call between picking her and Aika. But Jun Jun is in my good book longer than Aika. She fits in so well, you couldn’t tell she’s Chinese if you’re watch “Mikan” PV. Some say her humor is weird. but I competely think it’s fine because none of my friends laughs at my joke neither.

6. Aika
Cute little face. At frist, I thought she’s a bit annoying and I kept ignoring her because I’m busying learning all the names of all the Momusu/H!P members. I still didn’t pay as much attention to her even when I’m competely in love with “Athena & Robikerottsu – Shouri no BIG WAVE”. I didn’t realised her existence in “Onna ni Sachi Are”, which is kinda sad of me. Then suddenly I’m finding myself looking for her after the first 2 second of “Resonant Blue” and her standing alone in the station. I was so suprised by her apperance in it. She’s slowly growing on me.

7. Ai
I know, she have a good voice and all. But she just doens’t appeal to me at all. Assign to heaps of solo lines and leading Sakura Gumi didn’t help me to like her a bit more. Although I have to admit,  her “Everyday, Everywhere” perfermance in the 2008 Winter Concert was simply incredible. I just don’t know why I’m not attracted to her as I can attracted to the other.

8. Lin Lin
It will help if she would speak and sing in her normal voice.

9. Kusumi.
Yes. I acutally hate her. Her cutesey thing is not working on me. Also, her lack of skill in singing live doesn’t impress me. Her weird way of singing annoys me to no end. Her voice bounce all over the place when she sing. I don’t quite know how to pin point it.  And I  question almost two millions times that why she’s the only soloist when she is the weakest singing in Momusu. (Even Sayu have bypass her).  I just can’t stand her. Sorry


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