Posted by: babylamchop | May 6, 2008

Another day pass by.

And so I’m  here in the school library. Trying to finish this entry in 7 mintues.
Hopefully, I’ll get home early tonight. So I can finally start my blogging seriously.
Reviewing some new and old music, talk a bit of H!P news as it is my obessesion for now.

Then because of my slowness on Ds games. I have come across to “Tetris DS”.
To just how exciting this game can be, I haven’t have a clue.
But I’ll get my hands on it soon, and hopefully this game will last a bit longer than “Harvest Moon DS Cute” did (which is around 5 days)
The game was a bit boring, the graphic is basic yet detailed.
The goal of the game is unknown, all I know is that I have to keep my farm running by planning crops and such. And by knowing how to do that is to read books that are located in the bedroom.
The only thing that I really liked in the game and kept me playing for another 10 second was the little cat and dog that I own.
I can call it by my wishtle then, they’ll come and I’ll throw one of them on the top of my head and walk around with it.
I know, it’s very cute.

Anyways, this will be my entry for this afternoon.
Till another time.
Sakura Ichigo


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