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General Update

Since Hello! Project Wonferful Hearts Summer 2008 Concert have released, I’ve been trying to find segment on youtube. So then I can review it.

H!P Release countdown page have been continuely being update almost 24/7
Berryz Koubou are releasing a best album on 14 of Jan

Momoko’s 3rd PB is coming out on 21st of November

Reina’s 7th PB have also been released

My computer have broke down, so that made blogging a little bit more difficult
But I’ll try my best to not let this die!

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Mass Graduation for H!P

This could the the year that everyone remembered as Mass Graduation.
Since the news have spread that all members in Elder Club in H!P will graduate from Hello! Project completely.

And I’m talking about every single one of them.
Members includes

Morning Musume OG:
Nakazawa Yuuko
Iida Kaori
Abe Natsumi
Yasuda Kei
Yaguchi Mari
Ishikawa Rika
Yoshizawa Hitomi
Tsuji Nozomi
Konno Asami
Ogawa Makoto
Fujimoto Miki

Inaba Atsuko
Satoda Mai (Country Musume)
Saito Hitomi (Melon Kinenbi)
Murata Megumi (Melon Kinenbi)
Ohtani Masae (Melon Kinenbi)
Shibata Ayumi (Melon Kinenbi)
Maeda Yuki
Matsuura Aya
Miyoshi Erika
Okada Yui
Ongaku Gatas (presumably, Korenaga Miki, Noto Arisa, Sengoku Minami, Sawada Yuri)

Weird thing is the popular ones [Abe, Aya, Yossie and Rika] are graduating, they are the one that are particularly making the money for H!P, specially Rika, she’s the money maker in Elder
Konkon, Makoto, Miki have Satoda mai have just return with some sort of activity.
Nozomi and Iida have barely done anything this year
The weirdest thing would be the Gatas [ex H!P Eggs]
Mano Erina is not part of the graduation however she is a soloist and she was part of the Elder Club 2008 She did get a whole lot exposure since she regularly appear on Momusu TV show, Berryz/C-ute Concerts
The rest of the Eggs are doing fine.

This is perhaps the biggest bombshell H!P have dropped since…….forever
Their future is unknown, the purpose of this graduation is unknown as well.
Basically, the future of H!P is unknown.
So now, do we get a new audition for H!P?

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Major Blog Page Update

Okay. This blog has been majorly updated with a new page layout and some new page.
The header it’s now Berryz Koubou. [Horray]
And there’s a new page call H!P Release Countdown.
It’s basically a page that countdown to all H!P release in the future.
[All with a reliable source, however I didn’t the reference, if you want any extra proof, then just leave me a comment]
When there’s picture[CD cover] and/or previews on youtub/dohhhup/downloadable links
I will try and update it as soon as possible.
Hopefully you will enjoy this blog as much as I do.

Hope you all have a safe H!P weekend ^^

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Berryz Koubou returns from ASF [Asia Song Festival]

The whole event is nothing less than spetecular. I’m so proud to be a fan of theirs.
So most of you would know that Asia Song Festival 2008 was held in Korea this year.
The Berryz participated in the Main Concert to recieved their Asia New Comer Award. Even though Berryz Koubou have debuted since 2003 but we can just ignore that and let them be “New”

Their reason of success, a lot have been argued. Some say it’s because of their latest single Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance, some say Morning Musume’s fame have rubbed on them, some say it’s their famous single Dschinghis Khan. Whatever it is that got Korea’s attention, it’s great.

Arrival to Korea

Supposely C-ute have always been more popular than Berryz [taking merchandise and CD sale wise] since day one, but Berryz is more marketable than C-ute. Anything you throw at Berryz, even the most silly look [hint: Yuke Yuke Monkey Suit] or rock Berryz poker face [Uta! Doki!] or funky warrior Dschinghis Khan. They always pull it off.

Other participates of this events included: W-inds[J-pop Boyband], DBSK[Korean Boyband], So Nyeo Shi Dae[Korean Girl Band], Karen Mok [Hong Kong Singer/Actor], Fahrenheit[from Taiwan], basically Berryz are invited along the best of the best artist around the asia. They received the Asia New Comers Award along with real new Korea boyband SHINee

They did a run through performance before the Main Concert.

Pretty much all live They did four songs: Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance, Speical Generation, Jingiskan, Tsukiattaeru no ni Kataomoi. Miya have mic trouble singing Speical Geneartion and MC.

Main Conert

I think only Risako, Miya and Momo are singing live in this one.

Then, they went and visit Lotte World. Which created quite a stir.

Overall, Berryz it’s the only unit apart from Morning Musume to have performaned outside Japan. Let’s hope they will continue to do so, and perhaps have a Korea tour next year? Since it’s Berryz Koubou’s 5th aniversary!
Berryz Koubou! Ganberre! Aishiteru!

For the girls that likes SHINee[Key] and Berryz
[Key dancing to Speical Generation]

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Berryz Vs C-ute Uda Toki FC Events

Now now. FC events DVD have been release and I instantly went crazy and watched most of it. Along with Uda Toki in Berikyu, they have became my favourite performance. Why? Well first of all, the girls have more energy to sing the song properly, because they’re not running, dancing, doing blackflip or whatnot in concerts. They’re just singing. So most of the performance it’s their best of their best, and if you want to see certain member’s full potential. Here is where you can catch a glimse of their amazing singing skills.

First let’s review some of the Berikyu Uda Toki.

This is the ultimate tall girl duo. Kumai Yurina x Umeda Erika singing Nagisa no Haikara Ningyo.
I would have never thought their voice would blend together so well. Yurina tried to match with Erika’s high pitch voice buther voice crack if you listen closely to the first chorus. This is Yurina’s cutesey voice that you’ll never hear in concerts, it’s so werid to hear her with her baby voice. Erika have a very strong lead in this song, the song suits her very well as well. Plus the song is catchy. What’s here not to love about this performance?

Then it’s the Berryz covering Roppongi Shinju by Ann Lewis
This is the original version.

With their poker face, they definately got into the spirit of the song. Although every single time, I was so tempted to laugh when “Won’t you die” comes out. Massa and Yurina’s “Big City is a loely place” and Risako/Momo was probably the highlight of the song. Because Risako isn’t screaming, Momo is singing with her awesome low pitch voice. It is certainly very enjoyable to watch. Plus there are heaps of English phrase in this song, I’m so hooked onto “Can’t live without you babe, don’t want to let you go”. AND Captain’s opening was very captain-like. Rock style really fits Berryz, maybe after the whole retro 70s theme. Berryz’s next album/single could be rocking, angry, breaking up songs?

Moving onto the FC events.
There are quite alot of repeat fof songs. Chinami and Maimi both sung Momoiro Kataomoi. Kanna and Risako both did Tsukiatteru ni no Kataomoi. Ganbacchae was the most popular, sung by Chisato, Airi and Erika.

Chinami’s version of Momoiro Kataomoi was better because her voice suited the pitch, sure she might have trouble singing the high notes, but guess what? So did Maimi. Chinami was very energetic as smiley as always. Chinami also picked Semi for her Solo events. I guess she must really like that song. I’ve always like the way she phrase her sentence in Semi. It’s cute and sweet.

The biggest suprise would be Chisato’s performance. This tiny girl have probably the most amazing voice in C-ute yet. She also claims that she thinks her rival is Airi. With this voice, I think Airi might need to watch out. Her best profamce is Suna wo Kamu youni ~ NAMIDA. In someplace, she look like Yaguchi Mari, and I would have thought it’s Mari that’s singing. if you haven’t seen this performance, you better do it now.

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Cover Songs definately works in H!P

Tsuku suddenly decides doing cover songs are a way to go in H!P, first it was Jinjiskan now Momusu’s 37th Single Pepper Keibun. He must have a good eye for it, because they both turn out very sucessful [in my opinion]. It make sense because the original song is already very well done, all you have to do now is to change to an appropriate language/lyrics and add some new touches then voila! New Single!

The song itself it’s pretty catchy. The pairing it’s pretty different.
Verse 1:
Ai – Reina
Ai- Aika
Eri – Aika
Eri – Sayumi
JunJun – Risa
Koharu – LinLin
Ai – Risa
Sayumi – Koharu
JunJun – LinLin
Eri – Aika
Verse 2:
Risa – Reina
Risa – Koharu
Ai – Koharu
Ai – Sayumi
Eri – LinLin
Aika – JunJun
Similarly to Koi no Victory, but this is much bette, because verse are only sang by two people at a time, you can pick out the voice pretty easily.
Plus Lin and Jun got to harmony in the song where no one else gets to, it’s worth to take note on that

I wouldn’t say the PV is badly done, I like how they kept it simple to preserve the 70s feel. I wouldn’t have thought they’d pulled off Pink Lady’s look but with retro boots and mini-mini-dress, they look fabulous. The dance in the break was awesome, althought you can’t see Eri [the strongest dancer in MM] at all.

Despite the dance routine, Momusu have definately PWN the original version. No matter how many times I listen to the original one, the harmony just seems odd to me. Well nevertheless Pink Lady made history, they’re the one of two Japanese Artist to have ever reach the US Billboard Top 40 with one of their single “Kiss in the Dark”

I think next think I’ll stick to reviewing the Berryz cause I know them better with my current obssession. I’ve kinda throw Momusu out of the window

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Hi 5 to the Berryz

01. Happy! Stand Up:
I like the retro feel about this song. The base line it’s pretty rich. I like how the song sits on a low range.
Verse: I like how everyone gets a line.
Yurina – Risako – Chinami – Saki – Massa – Miyabi – Momo
Chorus: “Check it out Check it out”. Risako and Momo’s lines in the chorus is pretty good.

02.この指とまれ! [Chinami, Momo, Massa]
The rhyme of this song is so addictiv, I really like how they add brass into the song. It gives the song a very bouncy and light sound. The guitar solo is a bit boring and predictable. Chinami and Massa got great amount of lines which is awesome. This song reminds me of Warachaou yo BOYFRIEND

[hahah couldn’t find a picture that have Captain stead of chinami =p]
03. バカにしないで [Miyabi, Risako, Captain, Yurina]
Everytime I listen to this song, it reminds me of Suki Sugite Baka Mitai, and some Momusu PV. And the music sounds a bit like those theme song from Japanese Kids Hero Show. Risako and Miyabi dominates the song, nevertheless Captain have a good portion of lines. Yurina’s voice is a bit soft but she knows how to hit her high note. This song reminds me of Sayornara Hageshiki Koi, I wonder what the dance is gonna be like in live?

05. Ah Merry-go-round [Momo, Captain]
As soo as Momo said “Subete kara”, I think of Tokaikko Junjou but of course it sounded nothing like it. Captain’s voice have become relly strong. “Shiku te” in the break was amazing. The song is slightly too slow and tad too long. I actually skip the last 30 seconds when I first listen to the album.

[Hell, this combo is rare, trying to find this picture was a pain]
06. CLAP![Yurina, Chinami, Miyabi]
This is a love-hate song. You neither love or you hate it. I first hated it, it didn’t suit the album itself, but the more I listen to it, the more it grow on me. Yurina and Chinami’s voice matched really well as always. Miyabi’s voice is too unique so she really stuck out. The Cha-Cha-Cha bits was the bit that I didn’t like. This is a song that they would have done back in the Piriri Yukou era. It’s so genki that it’s too much

[Damn, this girl is just so gorgeous. She can’t hate a face like that]
07. REAL LOVE [Risako]
WHAT A SUPRISE! The bass beat is …hot! It have this Justin Timberlake feel to it. The verse sounds a bit dead to me comparing to the richness of the chorus. Captain better do a solo dance to this song. As much as I’m angry how Risako gets the most attention, she’s just too pretty for me to even dislike her. I like her shy personality as well.

08. 夢を一粒~Berryz仮面 Ending テーマ~
I didn’t see this coming. I was expecting more rock and Berryz Kamen kinda rhyme. But the whole Mexico/Spanish beat just won me over. I can almost see the girls weaing red long dress, hair slick back with a rose behind their ears and do the whole Iroppoi Jirettai dance. Massa’s solo was ownage.

11. BE
Bye Bye Matta Ne 2!!! Love the timpani effects before the last chorus. But slightly out of place with the theme of the album. But it will be a great closing song for the Concert.

12. スッペシャル ゲネレ~ション(エキセントリックスRemix)
To many people’s dislike, I actually loved this song. Maybe because I like hardcore techno. I like it because there’s different rhyme to the original one, speically the Stacato on Yurina and Momo’s line [Mawa sugu ukutade de-e-e-e-yo-o] Massa re-record over Maiha’s line, which sounded tad weird, because everyone else’s voice is still that baby voice and Massa is obviously matured. Nevertheless, her voice is pretty ^^.

Over all: This album is pretty retro and it’s definately different to the other H!P albums. The front line of Berryz haven’t changed much apart from Massa is getting so much more lines. [Which is a plus]. This album would do well.

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Hello!Project Compulsive Addiction Disorder [HCAD]

So a lot of us listen to H!P, correct?
But just how addictive you are to H!P?

Perhaps if we have a guideline to our addictiveness will come in handy.

Stage Zero:
1. You listen to 1-2 artist form Hello! Project, mainly MoMusu.
2. You download their A side single
3. You like other J-pop idols as well

Stage One:
1. You remember your favourite’s full name and you can still recognized her in video that are 3 years ago
2. You know the bits and pieces to Momusu’s history
3. You have a separate folder to put Momusu’s music.

Stage Two:
1. You know every member’s name in Momusu/favourite H!P group
2. Starting to know different active groups in H!P
3. You start watching their PV more than four times each

Stage Three:
1. You now have a wallpaper for your computer/mobile phone/mp3
2. You start to listen to the hiatus/inactive groups as well
3. You starting to read blogs or forums about H!P

Stage Four:
1. You start downloading their live concert, fan live recording and TV shows
2. You remember most of the nicknames of the member from H!P
3. You have a favourite member/list in MoMusu/H!P group
4 [If you don’t know Japanese, you start to know words/short sentences]

Stage Five:
1. You start deleting non-H!P songs from your play list or you automatically skip the song
2. You start linking everything back to H!P
3. You can sing along half of the songs

Stage Six:
1. You can recognised their voices even they’re not from your favourite group
2. You download nothing but H!P stuff
3. You start to have a collection of H!P merchandise

Stage Seven:
1. [You learn Japanese just for the sake of understanding their TV show without subs]
2. [You wish that you’re born in Japan so then it’s easier to buy their CDs and photo-cards and attending their concerts]
3. You don’t like people talking to you while you’re listening to your H!P music

Stage Eight:
1. You get pissed off when one of your friends say H!P idol or J-pop idol are disgusting and skanky-like
2. You feel like bashing them when your friends say your favourite girl is too typically Japanese [pretend to be cute]
3. You doodle anything that links to H!P[song name, lyrics, nickname, cartoon-face] all over your memo-pad or anywhere you can

Stage Nine [The Ultimate Stage]:
1. You think you have a special with your favourite girl
2. You don’t think your favourite girl will have a boyfriend simply because you believe your favourite idol would never let you down
3. H!P is simply a lifestyle

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Berryz Koubou 5th Album Setlist

The long waited 5th album setlist is release on the Up-Front Work Website

  1. HAPPY!stand Up
    Something from this title tells me that this album would be a  happy, sunny and genki.
  2. Kono Yubi Tomare (Momoko, Chinami and Maasa)
    Chinami and Massa is always a good combo. Momoko….hm interesting
  3. Baka ni Shinai de (Saki Shimizu, Miyabi, Kumai and Risako)
    This could be a song that sits on a lower key because Captain, Kumai and Risako all have a good range of low notes. Kumai and Risako doesn’t blend as well as a group tho.

    Let’s hope Risako have stop the screaming.
  4. Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance
    How can you not love this song? I mean I’m in love with it right now. It’s so up-beat and happy. I always end up doing the hand motion while singing to it.
  5. Ah Merry- go-round (Saki Shimizu and Momoko)
    Again, from the title of the song. Sound like a super cute song. Reminds me of the duet they did in a Fanclub tour
  6. CLAP! (Chinami, Miyabi and Yurina)
    Why Miybi? I like the combo of just Chinami and Yurina.
    Yurina’s voice is strong enough to hold a duet along with a “weaker” singer.
    Well, guess not
  7. REAL LOVE (Risako Sugaya)
    Okay, what’s sup with this? The last person that need a solo is Risako. I mean her performence of Very Beauty in Berryz Kamen Concert didn’t exactly impress me. Arir pwnd her so bad.
    Captain should get the solo. She particularly owned the concert.
    -Sigh- I guess we all have to wait
    But I guess if the song is on the key that Risako can handle, like Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance, then it’s not as disasterous as it seems
  8. Yume o Ichi Tsubu ~Berryz Kobo Ending Theme~ ( Berryz Kamen)
    Can’t really predict anything. Except Massa is missing her second shuffle track in this album where everyone else evenly gets two. So this song could be her solo. Gotta love Massa
  9. Dschinghis Khan
    Dschinghis Khan’s remix is coming out sometime soon as the original release was pushed back. I’m looking forward to it. After I understand the lyrics. I’m IN LOVE with the song. Except Momoko dominates the song. And there are almost no solo lines.
  10. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi
    This song is played in the Olympic Aqua Center like everyday at least once!!! No joke. It was interesting to why it was played in CHINA!!!
    I think it’s because Berryz Koubou are going to perform in the Asia Festival, but it is held in Seoul. I still can’t think of a reason to why Berryz is constantly being played in the Olympics. Well whatever the reason is, I’m happy for them
    “Must watch more Olympics” Nee, Ii deshou?
  11. BE
    Okay. the name is ……short and…..interesting?
    You really can’t say anything with this but to assume it’s a group track
    [Thanks to Usa-Chan]
  12. Special Generation ~ Eccentric Remix
    YAY! Finally. I wanted this for a long time.
    Only question is whether they’re going to reuse the recording that is done 2 years ago or a renew version.
    Because I would like to hear their mautred voice singing SG.
    Their voices have changed so much since that single was released.
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Beijing Olympic 2008

Thought I’ll just say it out loud.
I haven’t watch it….yet
Tonight I’ll be sitting at home with my popcorn.
[Because I’m posting this at schoo when I suppose to be doing my reserch project]

There are way too many political problems that is created.
So I don’t think I’ll go into any of them.

I am however torn between which country should I support?
Australia or China?
I secretly want both of them to win, but that would be possible

I wonder who’s going to sing in the open ceremony?

Hello! Project doesn’t have the annual Sport Festival thing anymore right?
Cause I would like to see the tall Yurina compete.
And see if our fastest Maimi could still held her own record.
Why don’t they have it anymore?
It’s such a cute event.

Hello!Project 60M Run.
Maimi beats them all.
YAY Yurina won her race ^^
Eri the turtle got PWNED XD

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